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April 19, 2016 • Admin

If you’re interested in using story telling as a vehicle for offering alternatives to popular beliefs about living with vision loss; consider joining the team!


TheReImage Editorial Team is made up of several volunteers. We’re currently looking to fill the following volunteer roles. Interested? Contact us for further information.

Experience is gained; while enthusiasm and passion are yours to bring.



This role is responsible for the content and images used on the site. This individual will focus on;

  • Producing new content and writing it in an interesting and appealing manner
  • Working with the Graphic Director to Source images and artwork
  • Curating content


Graphic Director

This role is responsible for managing all aspects of graphics throughout TheReImage Campaign. This includes;

Sourcing images and artwork for all sections of the website, articles or posts, external communications and artwork for podcasts.

In general this role will assure the TRI is visually appealing and all images and artwork are consistent with the campaign’s message. This role will work closely with editors and writers and audio producers.



This role is especially of interest for those who may be interested in writing stories, but not yet confident in their ability to effectively write a story. Also for those not interested in writing, but enjoy researching or finding new topics. Will require proficiency in using web search engines, email communication and some writing.


Podcast Producer

This role is responsible for the audio content of TRI Podcast.

The role includes involvement in some or all of the following components required from generating ideas to managing the audience response after an episode.

This role will make sure that shows run as planned and the content is tailored to key audience demographics and meets the overall objective of TRI.

This role will be responsible for developing methods for using the podcast to raise funds for TRI.


Specific responsibilities may vary; producers may sometimes also take on the roles of presenters or reporters.


In general, tasks can include:

  • generating and researching ideas and pitching to TRI Team
  • Developing content, writing material for scripts, posts and more
  • sourcing potential contributors and interviewees
  • Sound design – appropriate music and sounds aping
  • managing the logistics of getting people, resources and equipment together to the right place at the right time
  • undertaking editing, interviewing and reporting duties as necessary
  • presenting programs or managing presenters for both pre-recorded and recorded output
  • converting text, graphics, video and audio files into other formats
  • contributing to, and making use of, an archive of audio resources which can be re-used
  • responding to audience feedback
  • producing and making use of content contributions


Web Administrator

This role is responsible for managing the basic administration of the website. Includes administering CMS service updates, page updates and other site wide administrative tasks.

Social Media Director

This role is responsible for creating TRI’s social media strategy. This includes;

  • Assisting in Recruiting and managing the social media marketing team
  • Planning and managing social media campaigns and day to day activities
  • Managing the TRI presence in social networking sites
  • Posting and commenting on relevant blogs
  • Engaging in conversations and answer questions
  • Creating and maintaining a social media editorial calendar and posting schedule
  • Analyzing and evaluating social media campaigns and strategies
  • Reporting on effectiveness of campaigns
  • Monitoring trends in social media
  • Monitoring social space for brand and related topics and conversations


Fundraising Manager

This role will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for financially sustaining TheReImage. This can include but not limited to;

Grant writing, corporate sponsorship, crowd funding campaigns, advertising revenue, donations and more.


Interested in any of the above volunteer roles, please contact

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