A Piano for the Children

I found the children’s home off of Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. Cunningham Piano sent me there to evaluate an old upright. The building was in a neighborhood that was way past run down and well into depressed. That part of Philadelphia is filled with large old houses and many of them are abandoned. The original… Finish Reading “A Piano for the Children”

March 26, 2017, • Editor

Age Before Beauty

Dad’s 93rd birthday is Tuesday. We will celebrate with his favorite pie and ice cream, although he won’t remember our party the next day. The anniversary reminds me of another special birthday which Dad won’t recall. The year he turned 80, I turned 50. He and I Separately hit on the idea of celebrating our… Finish Reading “Age Before Beauty”

November 27, 2017, • Editor

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April 23, 2016, • Joe Dolson

Baking Day

As I rub the sleep from my eyes and make my way to the side of the bed, I hear my four-year-old exclaim,” Mommy, I want us to bake a cake today!”   My husband’s birthday was ten days ago. While I intended for us to bake him a cake on the weekend following his… Finish Reading “Baking Day”

July 18, 2016, • Admin

Bear Cave

Ever since I joined the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh (ECP), my friend Chuck had been after me to do some caving. I was interested, but there were only so many weekends, and so many activities to choose from. Well, back in April, I received an email from Chuck about a caving trip to Bear Cave… Finish Reading “Bear Cave”

February 16, 2016, • Joe Dolson

Changing His tune

From the moment I came through the door, I had a funny feeling about this customer. He was just a bit too friendly and over-solicitous. But when you work for a service company, the good, bad and weird, all have to be treated the same. The piano was an elderly upright. This model has some… Finish Reading “Changing His tune”

January 13, 2017, • Susan Lichtenfels

Fishing off My Dock in the Early Mornings

When I wake up in the early morning here on Lake Barkley the singing of various bird species and the scampering of squirrels across the roof tell me it is time to get up and head down to the dock to see what’s happening in the bay.   As I step out onto the back… Finish Reading “Fishing off My Dock in the Early Mornings”

July 6, 2016, • Admin

It Seemed right at the Time

When I first arrived at Villa Nova University, the other dormitory residents looked at me as if I was some kind of animal in a zoo. They were constantly watching in the halls or hanging out of windows as I worked my dog here and there. But in about 2 months, I became part of… Finish Reading “It Seemed right at the Time”

January 13, 2017, • Susan Lichtenfels

Just Their Dad

I received a great report from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher this morning. Not that it was a surprise, but good to hear nonetheless. The teacher came over to me as Grace was busy putting away her coat and backpack in her cubby. She said, “Grace is such a great kid. Her reading skills have just… Finish Reading “Just Their Dad”

June 9, 2016, • Admin

Nature’s Beauty

Autumn wrapped me in her cool grasp as I headed up the narrow gravel road. There was no trace of city smog – the smoke from last week’s fire just west of this valley had been either blown or washed away leaving the air fresh and clean. Situated miles away from the large city, there… Finish Reading “Nature’s Beauty”

July 6, 2016, • Admin