On this page of TheReImage, you will find submissions which explore all facets of education with vision loss as incidental or coincidental. Stories and opinion pieces which relate educational experiences from the perspective of the student, educator, trainer, parent, or administrator are welcomed.

In addition we welcome stories and opinion pieces which explore the themes of education beyond the classroom and the exploration of positive and negative learning environments.

Education is the process of communicating ideas, concepts, and techniques, and our stories both explore and inform us of the many courses which it may follow.

Recent Stories

It Seemed right at the Time

When I first arrived at Villa Nova University, the other dormitory residents looked at me as if I was some kind of animal in a zoo. They were constantly watching in the halls or hanging out of windows as I worked my dog here and there. But in about 2 months, I became part of… Finish Reading “It Seemed right at the Time”

January 13, 2017, • Susan Lichtenfels