Whether we live in a city or out in the woods, in an apartment or in a mansion, we enjoy many of the same life events: birthday parties, holiday gatherings, vacation trips, shopping for that special gift, eating out with friends.

Whether we live alone or with a family of four generations, we have stories to tell about our joys, longings, or wisdom.

When was the last time you held the hand of a young child? Or walked with a senior in a nursing home? What moves your heart to sing? What motivates your feet to run? Who is your best friend? What do you do together? Whatever our health or limitations, we can sing and run in our mind’s eye!

Recent Stories

The Break-Out

September 3, 2016, • Editor

Baking Day

As I rub the sleep from my eyes and make my way to the side of the bed, I hear my four-year-old exclaim,” Mommy, I want us to bake a cake today!”   My husband’s birthday was ten days ago. While I intended for us to bake him a cake on the weekend following his… Finish Reading “Baking Day”

July 18, 2016, • Admin

Just Their Dad

I received a great report from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher this morning. Not that it was a surprise, but good to hear nonetheless. The teacher came over to me as Grace was busy putting away her coat and backpack in her cubby. She said, “Grace is such a great kid. Her reading skills have just… Finish Reading “Just Their Dad”

June 9, 2016, • Admin

the Rhododendron

One of the better aspects of losing my job along with my sight is that I get to spend more time with my kids. Every morning, I walk them the half-mile to school, and I return in the afternoon to accompany them home. During our walks, they tell me about their days, who got in… Finish Reading “the Rhododendron”

June 9, 2016, • Joe Dolson