People who have a vision loss have not lost their excitement for life. They enjoy a variety of hobbies including travel, crafting, reading, and creative expression. Some climb mountains, garden, sail, fish, and bird-watch. Other individuals participate in community activities such as bowling, throwing darts, swimming, dance, exercise, and more. In this section, TheReImage will show you just how fun life can be regardless of vision level.

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Age Before Beauty

Dad’s 93rd birthday is Tuesday. We will celebrate with his favorite pie and ice cream, although he won’t remember our party the next day. The anniversary reminds me of another special birthday which Dad won’t recall. The year he turned 80, I turned 50. He and I Separately hit on the idea of celebrating our… Finish Reading “Age Before Beauty”

November 27, 2017, • Editor

Bear Cave

Ever since I joined the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh (ECP), my friend Chuck had been after me to do some caving. I was interested, but there were only so many weekends, and so many activities to choose from. Well, back in April, I received an email from Chuck about a caving trip to Bear Cave… Finish Reading “Bear Cave”

February 16, 2016, • Joe Dolson

Nature’s Beauty

Autumn wrapped me in her cool grasp as I headed up the narrow gravel road. There was no trace of city smog – the smoke from last week’s fire just west of this valley had been either blown or washed away leaving the air fresh and clean. Situated miles away from the large city, there… Finish Reading “Nature’s Beauty”

July 6, 2016, • Admin

Peace Like a River

My story begins when I was offered the chance to kayak for a week from the Hoover Dam down the Colorado River. I was excited to say the least, and jumped at the chance. I have always loved the outdoors and regret that when I had sight, I was too caught up with work and… Finish Reading “Peace Like a River”

June 9, 2016, • Admin

Shakespeare in the Buff

” There is flattery in friendship.”  -Henry V They considered each other as friends and shared a love of reading recorded books from the National Library Service, NLS, yet, they had never met in the flesh. As fellow authors in the same writing group, Donna and Kate’s friendship began in 2010. Throughout 2013, either Donna,… Finish Reading “Shakespeare in the Buff”

July 6, 2016, • Admin

The Break-Out

September 3, 2016, • Editor