One of the easiest ice breakers when meeting someone for the first time is to ask about occupation. “What do you do, or what do you want to do?” In this section, we will share employment stories. We will discuss our first, best, or worst jobs, our dream job, experiences with internships or navigating career fairs and much more.

Living with vision loss does not hinder our ability to make a living and carve out our desired career paths whether that is as a businessperson, a stay-at-home-mom or dad, an artist, a wood carver, or a social worker. Come along with us and you might gain a whole new perspective.

Recent Stories

A Piano for the Children

I found the children’s home off of Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. Cunningham Piano sent me there to evaluate an old upright. The building was in a neighborhood that was way past run down and well into depressed. That part of Philadelphia is filled with large old houses and many of them are abandoned. The original… Finish Reading “A Piano for the Children”

March 26, 2017, • Editor

Changing His tune

From the moment I came through the door, I had a funny feeling about this customer. He was just a bit too friendly and over-solicitous. But when you work for a service company, the good, bad and weird, all have to be treated the same. The piano was an elderly upright. This model has some… Finish Reading “Changing His tune”

January 13, 2017, • Susan Lichtenfels

The Almost Chef

It was the summer of 1967 when I first met Mr. Tetsarkis. At that time, I was working for the Sohmer Piano Company as a tuner. I had just learned that the company was going to close down for an entire month. No one told me about this when I joined them a few months… Finish Reading “The Almost Chef”

February 16, 2016, • Joe Dolson