Striving for Your Best

June 8, 2016 • Admin

With the Olympics approaching, TheReImage is seeking submissions that use stories to show how “Striving for Your Best” isn’t only for athletes.
Sometimes living with vision loss, from low vision to total blindness, can require similar characteristics found in top notch athletes. TheReImage wants your stories that best illustrate your interpretation of our theme; “Striving for Your Best”.
* TheReImage looks to tell the stories of those impacted by vision loss without an emphasis on the loss of vision. We believe stories told to purposefully bridge the gap between those impacted by vision loss and the mainstream can help dispel misperceptions about what it means to live with vision loss.
* We believe in the concept of “showing” rather than “telling”. We’re looking for stories that can hold a reader’s interest while conveying a mood or emotion. We want readers to leave with a feeling as opposed to lots of facts.
* Please consult TheReImage Submission Guidelines
* Submit your story by July 31, 2016 for consideration.

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